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Many years ago 1986, I felt God wanted me to go to Jerusalem to do a Peace Scroll as the conflict was just beginning to heat up. Yet after several months of much needed Peace Scrolls and Peace marches by people on both sides who did not want more war, all peace efforts were rejected by the then Prime Minister Sharon.

Instead in the ancient Armenian Monastery Library of the Old City where I had been led to rent a little room across the alley, I would find the true meaning of “ABBA” translated as “Father”. This word really means our “Heavenly Parent” when used for God and includes the Mother, instead of just the translated Father. This has encouraged the belief of a male only god that has lead many into idolatry, and a belief in inequality as a false worship of God called idolatry.

Father when used for God includes the Mother, and what is the meaning of the word Father without a Mother?
God is our Mother as well as Father.
Jesus called “ABBA”, “AB” for Dad and “BA” Mom. Together literally meaning in the people’s language of Jesus day “ABBA”, or our “Heavenly Parent”.
When I came back to America I would find “Father” in a English College unabridged Websters Dictionary also agreeing that “Father” when used for God, includes the Mother.

Have been going to Church since in my Mother’s womb, now 82 years old and rarely have I heard anything but male pronouns of He and His, and Him, used for God. Have not had God explained as our Creator Mother as well as Father, or God spoken of except as a male parent!

Sexism, inequality, Idolatry is in our cultures, because most scriptures have been written by males for males in power?

The original inspired words of God from many times, have often been misused for power and self interest what God meant for the good of all, even for your enemies Jesus said.

The sin of Idolatry against God in the Biblical Ten Commandments is the sin of limiting God who is not limited by sex but who created both male and female in God’s Image according to the first and third Creation story in Genesis. There are three, maybe more, combined stories into the one book of Beginnings, the meaning of the word Genesis.
Around 500-1000 BC when Genesis was first put together by the Jewish Priests and scribes they took the several stories of their tribal beginnings and put them into the book of Genesis, with the first chapter giving the Priestly version of Creation and included another tribes version in the second chapter. The second chapter is not considered the official one as it has a different and opposite order of creation in it and is a parable. The first and third version starts in the fifth chapter verse one, both state male and female were created in God’s Image.
Was it because those males who knew better, chose to keep most females in slavery, or as property? Many still do in even here in the U.S.
Women here in America did not get their right to vote until 1921, less than a 100 years ago.

At the last World Council of Christian Bishops in their Pastoral Constitution it was clearly stated “There is to be no more discrimination within the Church in regards to race, or sex …as not the Will of God” Gaudium Specs. Vatican II 1965.

Yet after the suspicious death of only 33 days in the office of Pope John Paul I, who had 3 days before, told over 100 Catholic Sisters he would do something for their equality within The Church, but after his untimely death they did end the many centuries of only Italian Popes, when the Cardinals elected their Polish Pope John Paul II.
During that time I became angry with God for all the bad things in our world, instead of being angry with the evil in men, in my not understanding God’s time for our free Will, and it is up to us to do what we can. I was even doubting there could be a loving God, or that there really was a God who not only knew more and was smarter, and even more loving.

My first supernatural experience with God was on my fifth birthday when I saw God’s Hand but I did not see another such sign for over 25 years. Except for occasionally feeling the presence of God when I took the time out of my busy life, to pray. At 14 had gone to a Church camp in preparation for Baptism and had taken a vow of obedience to God’s Will instead of my own and a vow of poverty, which felt I would need, to be able to do just God’s Will rather than my own usually more selfish will. Since I wanted to marry and have children asked God if I needed to take a vow of Celibecy, and felt good at feeling assured it was my choice. Until many years later when becoming engaged to marry the man I had chosen, died before our marriage, from the then common but sometimes deadly Polio disease.
Being in College I was also questioning my beliefs as not being scientific such as the Hand of God I had so vividly seen at five years old with no such sign from God since, as maybe just a childish imagination. Even though I knew it was more real than any other and has remained with me all my life, deeply imprinted.

Only after I had asked for repentance for wrongs I had done from following my own more selfish will, instead of God’s more Loving and knowing will, for not only myself but for others too. I would only after much prayer and sorrow, have what Jesus called a “Rebirth” or spiritual filling with God’s Holy Spirit, and be given the prophetic gift of “Equality”.
Many times I would seem to be able to help people with personal problems, sometimes knowing things I had no way of knowing, except through The Holy Spirit. But the only word I was given verbally to share with all, was the one word of “Equality”.

To me God’s “Equality” means Equal Rights, Equal Opportunity and Equal Respect. The same as the essence of The Universal Message found in most of the world’s religions, The Golden Rule of treating others with equal fairness. What Jesus summed up in my own Christian belief of Loving God, a God of Holy Love, and Loving One Another, even your enemies.

For each of us is equally important to God who wants to be our best friend, as well as is the perfect Heavenly Parent. To realize that each needs to experience for themselves the presence of God who wants to help us work in our lives to make them better, not only for ourselves but also for others, this will bring Godly Peace and Joy into your life more than any thing else. If we don’t have a strong faith, we can strengthen it by being sorry for any wrong we have done and asking The Holy Spirit to come into our hearts, each day remembering to be led in God’s Love to the fullness of truth.

It is God’s Will and my prayer you Believe and Act for Peace and Goodwill, but your will to hold on to the hope of eternal life and Love and Blessings for one another now!